With SpacetoCo you can start taking bookings and payments online for any space - in as little time as it takes you to set up a Facebook page. There's zero upfront costs, so it's free to get started and give it a go. If you're centre or your facilities are a bit more complex - no dramas! We can help walk you through the process and get you up and running in days not weeks.

Space Pages

An easy to use interface where you can update your space page any time you want

When you join SpacetoCo, each of your spaces gets it's own unique space page where you can tell the world in photos, videos and words how wonderful it is. Your space page is like a Facebook profile page for your space and it will help convert new and existing customers to go ahead and book. You can list as many spaces as you want for free. The page is designed to help you provide all the essential information that customers need to be able to make a decision, so that means less repetitive questions for you to deal with. On each space page you can add:

  • 10 big glossy pictures of your space from all the best angles
  • 3D Walkthrough
  • Floor plans
  • Long and juicy space description
  • All the amenities and space uses
  • Additional items and charges e.g. morning tea or projector hire
  • A big map with location
  • Your space rules
  • Thumbnail links to your other spaces
  • A short bio about your organisation
  • Buttons so people can share your page on socials/email
  • Cancellation and bond information

And of course the best bit - they can see availability and book online...

Host Profile Pages

You’re own page where you can showcase all of your spaces

If you've got lots of bookable spaces, we also provide you with a host landing page that has a list of all your spaces. This is great for when you want to help people see everything you have on offer. You can link to this page from sites like Facebook or GoogleMyBusiness to help new customers book your spaces.

TIP: create a QR code to put on your business card that sends your customers' direct to this SpacetoCo profile page.

Be part of a growing marketplace

Marketplaces are an incredible way to generate growth in a particular industry. Marketplaces like Airbnb, Etsy, Upwork and Uber have made it easier than ever before for people to find and compare options with a simple, online booking experience. We wanted this simplicity for sharing spaces - It's actually part of the core purpose behind SpacetoCo - for people to do more in local spaces as we believe it will create more connected and strong communities. Listing on a marketplace helps increase demand across a wider geographic area. Every new space that lists, brings more customers, who make more bookings - so everyone benefits. They say a rising tide lifts all ships, so come along and bring your boat.

Get found by google

Customise what search engines see

Listing on SpacetoCo will make you more SEO friendly. SEO say whaaaat?
SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation’ and it can be somewhat of a dark art. The main reason for that is tech companies i.e. Google are forever making updates to the way their search algorithm functions. You could pay big bucks to marketing agencies to help improve your performance on Google search results, or, you could simply add your spaces to SpacetoCo and instantly boost your online presence. You don't have to know anything about ESS-EEE-OOO to add your spaces to SpacetoCo, but you will be benefitting from the optimisation our site provides behind the scenes and saving those big bucks for yourself, not Google.

Get Started for Free

All SpacetoCo Hosts receive these benefits:

  • Free to list a Space
  • Free for zero cost bookings
  • Free customer support
  • Free cancellations