Skedda vs SpacetoCo

How does Skedda compare to when it comes to venue management for local councils?

Successfully booking out your community spaces has everything to do with providing a GREAT customer experience. Check out our top 10 reasons for perfecting the hiring of your amazing facilities 👇

1. Getting the Customer Experience right

A clear, understandable, intuitive site, ensuring the hirer make as few clicks as they can, this is what a great online booking system needs to provide to its customers. From having a simple calendar that is recognisable and a checkout that is continuously consistent and coherent, the hirers/bookers should find the process of it all both credible and reliable. By investing years in developing a perfected system offering the absolute best customer experience for space sharing, all of this is what we at SpacetoCo strive to give our customers. We want to provide customers with an online experience that is trustworthy and seamless on any device when used by any age group from whatever cultural background they’re from.

SpacetoCo has released over 6,000 individual improvements since our launch. We revise the product every 1 to 2 weeks to ensure it meets our customer's high expectations.

2. Individual Listings with optimised search marketing (SEO)

Whenever you list a space, you obviously want it to be seen by as many people as possible, not just people who live in and around the area of the specific listed space. When using SpacetoCo we give and list your space(s) under a unique URL while also optimising the listing page so that search engines (like Google) have the best chances of showing your listed space as high as possible on the engines search page.

Test: search for ‘North Perth town hall’ in Google to see what we mean. You’ll notice the result for quite high up!

3. Automatic Refunds (and no that’s not a typo)

In the case of any future bookings that are cancelled and therefore need to be refunded, why should you or your finance team need to worry about going through the hassle of sorting out that refund?

With SpacetoCo, we handle all refunds automatically for you, in which case the only thing you see is the money for the bookings that are confirmed. As an additional bonus, our team has gone on to reduce the time it may take to cancel a booking to only a few seconds so even when COVID cancellations happen say goodbye to credit notes!

4. A Better Automation Experience

SpacetoCo allows you to automate any tough, time consuming and tricky areas of your listed spaces.

What this means is all you have to do is set up certain parts of your spaces only once and never have to work on it ever again. For example, you can list additional add on’s once and then with a click of a button have any of these add on’s appear in any of your spaces, also the duration of the booking (min/max hours required) can be set up once to indicate to customers any required times there may be and a max hours price that could be offered.

(The choice and option to edit these automated parts is always available)

5. The end of Manual Account Reconciliation

Yes of course we understand that customers always go back and forth on their choices due to which they always end up having a change of mind with bookings. Also with the inclusion of booking cancellations because of COVID restrictions and all, it really becomes a bit too much. So wouldn't it be so much easier to only worry about the funds if the booking truly goes ahead?

Our team have SpacetoCo have innovated account reconciliation with you not needing to waste any more of your precious time and fragile integrations with IT. Receipt of the money in, only after the booking has happened. It’s that simple!

6. Customer Help Articles that Actually Help

Whenever a person creates a booking they expect it to be quick and easy whether they’re a new or old customer.

This is why we have made it really easy to offer self-serve anyone may be looking for with our 80+ support articles here:

We update these on a regular basis in order to help your customers too easily and efficiently find the answers they seek. These articles are also integrated into our free customer support chat. We have made sure with each article that it is simple, straightforward and easy to understand.

7. More than SaaS

Having software as a service is one thing but providing space as a service through a platform experience is a whole other ball game. Technology is a continually evolving entity, so we ensure to use the most latest and secure technology stack. What this does is puts your mind at ease when it does come to customer data and online bookings. Stripe, Amazon Web Services, MongoDB, Google - these are just some of the big-name tech companies that power SpacetoCo.

8. Your local businesses should also be able to share their spaces

You should allow and encourage surrounding local businesses in your area to share their spaces too, this will help ensure your customers are aware of venues that are nearby. It’s important to know that when local economies thrive, it has a rippling effect on the overall attractiveness of the communities. Also, employment rates stay high or increase and places are more actively pursued by more people, therefore, bringing the whole neighbourhood to life.

Through our platform, hundreds if not thousands of customers have found local businesses thanks to their council listing on SpacetoCo. Space-as-a-Service is going to be essential in the post-COVID economy.

9. GROW your bookings

Bookings mainly occur by customers having to go on your council website. But now there are multiple other ways to attract and appeal to a larger base of customers, one of which is through the power of the SpacetoCo marketplace, our platforms not only increased the likelihood of your spaces being found but also booked.

SpacetoCo also makes sure that search engines (like Google) have the best chance of finding our listing online, through having each space individually listed, maximises the visibility of your space.

So that’s 3 ways that your space can be found through the SpacetoCo experience - Search engines, SpacetoCo marketplace, and directly from your website. The result? SpacetoCo begins to pay for itself!

10. Free and Better Customer Support for those who use your space

When shifting to an online booking solution that comes with live availability, automated payments and a well-designed customer experience, it's important to consider the increase in bookings that may experience.

With using an online platform, in this day and age, it is crucial to have a way to have a quick and efficient way to communicate with customers directly. SpacetoCo offers a free customer support chat function through which all your customers who book spaces can use at any time.

What this service does is practically provide a Level 1 support system for your customers, which then goes on to offer you more free time to do other more important tasks and take on less hassle.

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