When we explain what SpacetoCo does to new space owners, the biggest pushback we get is 'That sounds great for simple spaces, but we're... different.' And it's true - each space is unique, everyone has different rules, cancellation policies, fee structures and staffing. Some spaces divide into two spaces, some can only be booked after 4pm and some can have multiple groups in the same space. We know this because our platform has been built from the input of community spaces, for community spaces. Every single feature of our platform came from a space owner or bookings administrator feedback. We know that we need to balance simple online processes with the flexibility you need to run your space. That's why we have lots of easy ways for you to customise your setup to get the platform working for you.

Customised fees and charges

The simpler your pricing, the easier it is for customers to book. However, in real life we understand the need to have different rates for different uses and customers. You might need a commercial and community rate, or you may have a legacy pricing arrangement with a long-term customer. When you join SpacetoCo we help you get really clear on pricing. We start with a basic hourly price per space and build out from there, so that you have a clear pricing strategy that works for your different pricing tiers or customers.

Discount codes

Easily create or manage discount codes at any time

You can further customize your pricing with discount codes. You can set up private or public codes that work for a number of different scenarios. You might want to:

  • have a 100% discount code to enable charities to book your space for free
  • have a $10 discount off the hourly price for a community group that your space supports
  • have a 20% January booking discount or a members discount

Discount codes can be paused at any time, and you can quickly see how many bookings they have been applied to. You can also report on the value you have given out in discount codes.

Additional Items and Charges

Endless options to ensure your space is priced correctly

As well as charging for space hire, we also let customers add more items to their booking through the checkout. This makes it really easy for them to create packages that could include projector hire, morning tea or a fixed cleaning fee. The items and charges can be priced per hour or at a fixed cost and you can set the maximum amount that can be purchased. Customer's love being able to book everything they need in one go. Some space owners have found that by simply offering a package like 'Tea & Coffee station' at checkout, can be a significant revenue driver. When it is easy to purchase, people often do!

Cancellation Policy

It’s crucial for you to set a cancellation policy that works for you. We enable customers to self-serve cancel and get a refund, which means you can customise the time until they can do this. This can be 24 hour to 6 months. It can also be different per space e.g. a large hall venue may require cancellations up to 30 days whereas a small counselling room may be OK with 48 hours. SpacetoCo allows you to set different cancelation windows for different spaces.

Minimum hire

Simplified and familiar booking experience for your customers

You can set the minimum hire time to be as little as 15 minutes or to be a full day. This mean's if you're only comfortable taking minimum 4 hour bookings, then we only allow customers to make 4 hour bookings!

Bump in/Bump Out

If you need to allow time for a changeover or room reset between bookings, you can enable an automatic bump in/bump out time to be added to the start and/or the end of each booking. The customer isn't charged for this, it just stops a new booking going in immediately after the previous one. For next-level automation, you can also set rules for certain groups to not need bump in/out if they are used to a stress-free transition. We call this feature 'Happy Neighbours' …and as you know, everybody needs good neighbours…

Flexible spaces

Nestable spaces to ensure availability remains true

Some spaces are big rooms that turn into 2 or more smaller rooms. You may have spaces that can't be booked if an adjacent room has a booking because of noise or access issues. For these scenarios we enable you to set a rule that auto-blocks certain rooms if one space is booked. For example if you have a double room that divides into two, we would enable you to list 3 spaces (1 large, 2 small) as separate bookable spaces. But when the big room is booked, the smaller ones will show as booked too. Features like this can be a lifesaver because it removes the stress of accidentally forgetting to block a room adjacent to the space hired for meditation. The devil is in the detail and it’s nuances like this that mean SpacetoCo won’t just save you time, it will save your sanity.

Same Same but different

Allow booking slots with just 1 one extra dropdown

Some organisations will have multiple bookable slots for things like coworking hot desks, tennis courts, netball courts, cricket nets and more. We realise you probably won’t want to list each as a separate space and manage it one-by-one… how boring would that be! It's far easier to list one version of the space, and enable it to be booked up to the amount of desks / courts / lanes you have available, e.g. ten desks.

Small print taken care of

All the legal stuff covered

You can upload your terms and conditions that customers can read and download as part of our checkout process. This means you can make sure all the small print is covered, but not have to save all that pesky paperwork for a rainy day!

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