Did you cancel that booking?
Can the Knitting group have the chairs left out after the Choir practice group?
Did you confirm the wedding on 18th Feb?
Where are the details of that new customer who wanted to book the hall?

Everything in the one place

Sound familiar? If you're using a bookings exercise book, an Outlook calendar or emails to manage your bookings, questions like these are a symptom of critical bookings information falling between the cracks. The joy of using a system like SpacetoCo is that everyone can see and access the same information in the same place, so you don't have to go hunting for it or double-check all the time. This means you can collaborate more effectively, have less issues when handing over to team mates, and stay sane if someone on your team falls sick.

Multiple user accounts

Easily manage who access what

SpacetoCo works with a kind of 'hub and spoke' user model. Your space will have one central account which is the source of truth for all your booking, customer and payments data. You can then have as many team mates with a login who can access this central account to view or action things. All activity is auditable so you can see who changed what and when.

Streamline communications

See who sent what in one location

Email is a wonderful tool that magically pings messages in miliseconds from Samoa to Sweden. However, it's not actually designed to be a data management system. Information get's lost in long threads and can be hard to find. It's also a closed system - meaning you can't see what is in someone elses email account. If someone is off sick or doesn't check their emails, important updates are not visible to those covering the work. We think emails are great for notifications, but not for storing bookings information. Inside your SpacetoCo dashboard, anyone with a login from your team can see full conversatons, information and data relating to bookings and guests who hire your spaces. Customers can upload documents, send messages, photos (and emojis!) and anyone can view all this information alongside past and future bookings data. And those details you needed from that new customer (or any of your customers in fact)? They can be found on your Guest Directory!

Your team can leave internal notes on a booking that customers can't see. You can also use tags to organise, categorise and prioritise bookings, as well as mention team members to let them know if something needs to be actioned.

Data at your fingertips

A full range of reports available

What gets measured gets managed, so there is nothing more important to productivity than having accurate data at your fingertips.Firstly, your own homepage is a dashboard with bite-sized graphs and stats, including revenue, upcoming bookings, unread messages and SpacetoCo news. Also, you can download all of your past and future bookings data at the click of a button. This is in a CSV (comma separated value) format which means you can use it in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or Apple Numbers. Creating reports for management or funding applications can be extremely time-consuming if the only place your bookings data lives is in Outlook or on a paper calendar. With easy access to your bookings data you can quickly and easily:

  • Understand how much revenue you made from space hire for a designated time period
  • Create a cashflow projection of future bookings revenue
  • Measure how many people are attending your facility each month
  • Understand how your bookings are trending
  • Measure money lost through cancellations
  • Measure the growth of new groups or organisations using your space

Get Started for Free

All SpacetoCo Hosts receive these benefits:

  • Free to list a Space
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  • Free customer support
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