Have you ever found something online that you immediately want to get? You want to either order it, book it, or purchase it there and then. But you discover the website hasn’t been updated since 2010 and it’s all too hard?

This is exactly the same for people who just want to get on with it and book space for a meeting or event! They just want to see if it's available so they can plan the dates and communicate back to their team or guests. This is where an online calendar comes in and with today’s web tools, it doesn’t mean you lose control or who books where and when. As a host, you always have control over whether you accept or decline a booking. You can even move rooms or amend/update the price after a booking is confirmed.

Live Availability

Availability is live so customers can book with certainty

By using SpacetoCo as the source of truth for the availability of spaces, you can be confident that all the booking requests you receive are for dates and times that the space is actually free. If two pending bookings come in for the same time, we tell you about the conflict and you decide how to handle it. This is a HUGE time saver as the typical back & forth of checking a calendar and getting back to the customer can go on for days.

SpacetoCo's live availability means that any customer can see when a space is free, how long they can use it for and only book in a minimum booking time you are comfortable with (e.g. minimum 1 hour). They can check across multiple spaces in your facility and work out for themselves what is available. Having live availability is the pinnacle of great customer experience - it makes it so much easier for customers to choose you.

Manage Internal Bookings

Regular, Casual and Manual bookings are all possible

For live availability to be 100% accurate, all types of bookings can be managed through SpacetoCo. This means you can manage casual (pay upfront), regular (pay monthly) and internal bookings in one place and be sure of no conflicts. In some spaces, we know internal bookings are just as important as external bookings - especially if you do a lot of your own programming.

We make it super easy for internal bookings to be managed. You can set and forget regular internal bookings that are Monthly, Weekly, or random dates for years in advance. You can also block out spaces for a chunk of time - like several weeks over Christmas or for maintenance. You can organise these bookings into easy to find and search groups, and bulk delete if it's no longer required.

Internal bookings can be added by a central administrator, or your team can make their own. You can also download reports that help you calculate the split between paid and internal bookings, to understand the financial return on how your spaces are being used.

The Conflict Checker

There is NOTHING more awkward than a double booking. Two groups show up at the same time for the same space and someone is going to be very disappointed. SpacetoCo checks every single internal and external booking and ‘red flags’ any potential conflicts. You can always override the conflict (we trust you know what you're doing) and we send you a weekly report of any conflicts that you've accepted, just to make it easy to keep on top it.

iCal subscription calendars

Multiple iCal links can be subscribed to, which integrates directly into your preferred calender tool

We think applications like Google, iCal and Outlook are pretty awesome at being calendars. We think we’re pretty awesome at being a bookings platform. So we’ve enabled all of your SpacetoCo bookings to feed into your calendar of choice. This means you can still keep using your favourite calendar AND have all your bookings managed in SpacetoCo. You can even have calendar feeds with different levels of information. So for example you might want the full details to be available to someone working in your organisation, but you may also want a publicly accessible calendar with limited details. Syncing up your SpacetoCo bookings with your calendar, also makes it very easy to see availability at a glance on your native phone calendar app as well.

Instant Book

If you trust your customers to make bookings without your approval, you can set up your spaces to be 'instant book' for the ultimate in hands-free booking. This means you don't have to do even the one-click booking accept - we just instantly confirm and take payment with the customer. This set-up works really well for low risk, high frequency booking types like small meeting rooms or counselling rooms. It's especially powerful when it's easy to access your space - e.g. a lock box or remote key operation.

Get Started for Free

All SpacetoCo Hosts receive these benefits:

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