Imagine if you never had to take payment, send an invoice, create a credit note or have that awkward ‘can you please pay us’ conversation, ever again.

SpacetoCo automates both upfront payments and regular invoiced payments. We have completely eliminated repetitive and high human-error processes, whilst still getting all the financial data you need for accounting.

“The finance team just about had a heart attack when she saw how easy finance and reporting works.”

Rebecca, City of Mitcham

“We are not having to chase up people paying and this saves so much time…but we are still chasing our old invoices!”

Briony, City of Onkaparinga

Upfront Payments

Customers know exactly what they’ll be paying at the checkout

Say goodbye to clunky POS machines, cash or trying to remember what a customer booked when you get around to charging them. You can make it easy for any customer to book and pay to use your space.

By taking casual bookings through SpacetoCo, the customer securely pays upfront using a credit or debit card. Our payment gateway, Stripe, even checks there is enough funds on the card before we send the booking to you. Once approved, our system automatically generates the customer GST receipt and secures the funds until the booking happens, after which we pay out direct to your bank account. If things change - no dramas! If a customer cancels (within the period you’ve set) we refund them 100%. If you need to edit the booking - like add projector hire or add on 30 mins, we will advise the customer and recharge or refund the difference to them automatically. The customer receipt is also updated for you.

Managing upfront payments this way is going to save you heaps of time...

  • You won’t need to write any more receipts
  • No need to check if the hirer has paid, because they have!
  • Any updates to a booking or payment trigger automated emails to customers
  • No more refunds or credit notes

It’s also much less risky for your organisation or business...

  • Have less cash on the premises
  • No chance of forgetting to invoice for room hire
  • The payment gateway is fully PCI compliant and secure
  • You only get the cash for the booking when it has happened. This means you don’t have the liability or process burden of holding cash you may need to refund - particularly helpful in times of COVID cancelations.

Regular Payments and Invoices

Customers know exactly what they’re paying for

If you have regular bookings in your facility, you’ll know how hard it is to keep on top of what’s actually been used. The monthly invoicing process is a real time drain. It’s also super awkward to have to chase your most loyal customers for their payments each month.

Our regular payment solution is perfect for any customer who has frequent bookings that are best handled as post-pay. This is ideal for customers who use your space week-in week-out and need to secure a regular spot, but couldn’t possibly afford to pay upfront. Our simple and automated way of invoicing and collecting payments will remove all payment stress and save your customers time as well.

Here’s how you or your team can eliminate invoicing

  1. Each month, our system works out exactly what bookings and charges need to be billed for the month
  2. We send a summary email, with a full breakdown of all bookings to the customer
  3. We then formally invoice the customer on behalf of your organisation
  4. The customer is then charged on the payment method of their choice - a card payment or direct debit
  5. You get all your bookings revenue in one neat lump sum to your bank account
  6. You’ll also get some simple reports that breakdown your bookings by customer/room/account code to help make accounting simple

This brings some great benefits to your organisation:

  1. Invoicing and payments happen without you lifting a finger
  2. Invoicing is predictable - same timings every month
  3. You will be able to do cashflow forecasting
  4. All money paid to your account is money earned - as the bookings have happened. This removes the risk of holding cash for future (cancellable) bookings
  5. No more passing bookings info between staff (bookings officers and finance) - the system generates invoices on the actual booking data
  6. Plenty of time to correct or change bookings before invoicing

It’s also convenient for your regular customers

  • They can check what they owe at any time
  • They can download past or present invoices if they need a copy
  • They don’t need to remember to pay the bill
  • They only pay for what they’ve used

Financial Reporting

Perfectly organised for your finance team to receipt funds on a monthly basis

Would you like to know how much bookings revenue you made last month?
Or maybe you would like to know how much revenue is predicted for March next year?
Perhaps you’d like to see a breakdown of how much revenue is being made per space or understand who are your highest value customers?
No problem.

We enable you to instantly download a CSV report of all your past and future bookings data at any time. If you’re managing regular payments through SpacetoCo, we also send you a full suite of reports when you get your monthly bookings payment. This means you can easily account for your revenue and quickly see how much GST you owe.

The suite of reports includes:

  1. Tax Receipt
  2. Confirmed Bookings Report
  3. Customer Summary
  4. Space Summary
  5. Account Code Summary
  6. Bookings Summary
  7. Application Summary
  8. Problematic Transactions (if applicable)

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