Why is it you can book a taxi or a hotel room from your phone in seconds but it is so time consuming to book a space to meet, celebrate, gather or work from? In today's world, customer's expect to be able to easily book and pay for what they need in just a few clicks from anywhere. Not everyone can afford a team of web developers and designers to create that classy Airbnb standard website, so we've done the hard work for you. By taking your bookings through SpacetoCo, you can offer a best-in-class space booking experience that your customers will love.

Filter and search local spaces

Simple and familiar search to help customers find the space they need

Your customers' can search all the spaces listed on our marketplace to find what they need. They can zoom in on their preferred neighbourhood and they can filter by the amenities they need - like free parking or wifi. They can also set the price and the capacity they are looking for to only see space that will work for them. This handy search experience enables members of the community to quickly narrow down their choice, but it's also brilliant for you as you're less likely to waste time dealing with enquiries from people who will never book with you, as you don't have the exact amenity they need. It’s all about matching your space(s) to your ideal customer.

Guest booking dashboard & profile

Easily find past & future bookings

Every customer who books through SpacetoCo gets their own dashboard. At anytime, they can see all the information about their bookings at your space or any other spaces (if they are addicted to space booking!) This means they can check details like the room or timings or see their receipts without having to ask you for this info. To save you dealing with uncertainty, guests can also request changes to be made on their bookings if things come up, instead of cancelling and starting all over again. We also allow guests to self-cancel within your policy, and verified guests to make multiple bookings - saving you more tasks!

Customers also get a tidy profile where they can upload a picture, keep their details up to date and view or manage their payment details. This profile is in turn handy for people like you to know who is booking your space(s). You don’t get that context from a booking form.


All messages related to bookings stored in the one location

Even with simple bookings, some customers still have questions for you. We make it easy for them to message you and start a conversation. You receive a handy reminder when you get new messages and you can see all the dialogue with a customer along side their bookings in one place. This means the customer has an easy way to contact you or send you required documents. At any time, you can easily find this important information or share it with your team without having to dig through emails.

Automated communications & reminders

Automatic emails sent to your customers each week

Your customers' have busy lives, so we make sure they don't forget their bookings by sending them a friendly reminder. For your regular customers' we keep them up to date via email with their monthly bookings summary and invoices, and let them know when payment is being taken. If something goes wrong with a payment or we need to collect on a bond, we've also got an automated workflow that handles these communications as well. All in all we've automated more than 80 types of emails so that your guests are kept informed, without you tapping out a single @.

Get Started for Free

All SpacetoCo Hosts receive these benefits:

  • Free to list a Space
  • Free for zero cost bookings
  • Free customer support
  • Free cancellations