Wellard Pavilion Complex

Wellard Pavilion, Wellard Road, Wellard WA, Australia
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About this space

The Wellard Complex is located on Wellard Road, Wellard. The complex consists of Wellard Pavilion and Wellard Oval.

Opening times


5:30pm - Midnight


3:30pm - Midnight


5:30pm - Midnight


3:30pm - Midnight


3:30pm - Midnight


7:00am - Midnight


7:00am - Midnight


  • Functions including parties, celebrations, community function e.g. quiz night, awards nights or high risk bookings are required to be a minimum of six hours and additional Function charge applies, if not selected at time of booking will be charged at processing, if booking time is shorter than six hours additional time will be required to be book for approval. 

  • No confetti, rice, glitter, glitter shapes or balloon release within facilities. 

  • No barbeques, candles, gas bottles, open flames, portable stoves or ovens, fireworks, kerosene or spirit type lamps, spit roasts within facilities. 

  • No fire of any type may be lit in the surrounding grounds of any facility. 

  • No smoke machines, bubble makers inside facilities but may be used within grounds with permission from the City, please message for approval. 

  • Electrical equipment must be approved by City before being used, please message for approval. 

  • Event lighting, portable bars and drink/slushy machines may only be used with permission from the City, please message for approval.

Additional details

Parking and Public Transport Information

Parking is available on Wellard Road, with additional street parking on Cliveden Ave and Abingdon Crescent. 

Please do not park on verges or footpaths.

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