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Socrates Parade, Coogee WA 6163, Australia
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The City of Cockburn is a local government area in the southern suburbs of the Western Australian capital city of Perth about 8 kilometres south of Fremantle and about 24 kilometres south of Perth's central business district.

This space contains 2 different areas that can be booked independently.

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Located only 25 metres from the shore, the dive and snorkel trail begin at the Omeo shipwreck and includes:

• Underwater access to the Omeo shipwreck

• Underwater art gallery

• Artificial reef

The underwater trail begins in shallow water while its westernmost extent reaches a maximum depth of 7 metres. Most of the trail is around 2.5 to 5 metres deep, making it suitable for snorkelers and novice divers.

The artificial reef and underwater art sculptures around the shipwreck create a linear dive trail and habitat for aquatic life. Underwater educational plaques give information about the Omeo shipwreck, maritime history and aquatic life in the area.

For more information select this link: Coogee Maritime Trail

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Socrates Parade, Coogee WA 6163, Australia

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The Coogee Maritime Trail and historic Omeo shipwreck are home to all kinds of beautiful sea life. However, they are being damaged by climbing, touching and misuse. Remember to follow these simple tips when snorkelling on the trail, and always be a responsible snorkeler.


  • Explore with your eyes, not your hands

  • Take photos (and tag the City of Cockburn if you share)

  • Stay calm, quiet, and move slowly


  • Climb, stand or rest on the wreck

  • Remove pieces of the wreck or reef

  • Leave rubbish behind

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