Historic community hall - wedding venue or hall for live music, workshops and parties

565 Coolamon Scenic Drive, Coorabell NSW, Australia ·
Min. 4 hours
Coorabell Hall

Hosted by Coorabell Hall

SpacetoCo Host since June 2022

About this space

The Coorabell Hall is a well-loved community venue known for hosting music, arts and cultural events for over 100 years. This character-filled and volunteer run hall is perfect for weddings, parties, classes, workshops and live music. Coorabell Hall is situated on Coolamon Scenic Dive and boasts one of the best views of Byron Bay, perfect for photos! The hall includes:

  • A 25 square metre stage with backstage and changing area
  • 12 trestle tables, 15-plus bench forms and 100 stackable chairs
  • Disabled access/loading ramp into kitchen area.
  • Facilities provided for wall hangings or decorations
  • Free off-street parking for up to 50 cars in the paddock next door, in addition to the paved carpark at the rear.
  • 8m x 4m marquee available for hire

Half-day rate is $200 on weekdays and $300 on weekends.

You can also hire out the commercial-grade kitchen - add the extra 'Kitchen' charge in your booking. Hiring out the kitchen for a half day is $100, with a $500 bond.

Extra items and charges

This space has extra items and charges that can be added to your booking. Some may be required depending on your booking time and this will be shown at the checkout.

Opening times


9:00am - Midnight


9:00am - Midnight


9:00am - Midnight


9:00am - Midnight


9:00am - Midnight


9:00am - Midnight


9:00am - Midnight


Cleaning/After use:

  • Tables and Chairs are to be returned to the storage area after use
  • All garbage to be removed from inside and outside the Hall. Bins are provided for collection - removal is hirer’s responsibility.
  • All empty cans and bottles removed from the Hall, its grounds and surrounding roadsides.
  • The Hall is to be left clean, kitchen clean and floor mopped, crockery put away, cupboards closed, refrigerators clean and left on, toilets mopped. Brooms, mops and cleaning supplies provided.
  • Windows and doors to be left shut and locked. Lights and water pump to be switched off.


  • No incense or candles are permitted and no fires are permitted in the Hall or its grounds, or surroundings
  • You are responsible for use of available fire extinguishers and will be charged the costs of refilling or replacing them if necessary.
  • Road safety signs provided must be used for night events (cnr Lofts Rd, and first power pole towards Mango Lane, 200m from the Hall). Road signs to be returned to hall after events.


  • No nails, staples, paint, screws, tape, glues or blue tack are to be used.
  • All decorations to be removed completely after use


  • Noise levels must comply with the legal limits (no more than 5dB from 7.00am until midnight and, and shall not exceed the background level from midnight until 7.00am).
  • Maximum recommended audio level in the Hall is 97db
  • Street doors to be closed while bands are playing. Amplification to be turned off before 11.50pm.


  • No alcohol is to be sold on the Hall premises unless license/permit has been obtained.


  • Bond monies will only be returned to the same person who provided it.

Additional details

Host's Cancellation Policy
100% refund on cancellations up until 7 days before your booking. After that, there are no refunds on cancellation.
Parking and Public Transport Information

The entry is on Coolamon Scenic Drive 20m from the Hall, and the exit at the opposite bottom corner, into the bituman carpark behind the Hall. 

Free off-street parking for up to 50 cars in the paddock next door, in addition to the paved carpark at the rear.

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