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Min. 4 hours
Debra Chantry

Hosted by Debra Chantry

SpacetoCo Host since July 2019

I am a business coach, leadership coach and owner of The Common Business Club and Event Space.

About this space

PLEASE NOTE: Price can change to be lower or higher depending on the type of event and services required. Please call 0800 332 007 or find out more at www.eventspace.co.nz

The Common's Event Space follows 4 philosophies:

What does that mean?

Fun: There’s not one straight wall in this place & we love it like that. With lots of nooks & crannies, unusual spaces, with a myriad of games & play spaces available. We can help you create an event or workshop that will live up to our name of The Entrepreneurs Playground.

Flexible: We want you to have a truly memorable event. Our on-site events team will work with you to create the outcomes you desire. All of our furniture is moveable & we also work with the best in the events business – caterers, entertainment, AV & hire furniture to provide you with everything that you need.

Unique: You'll not find another large space for events so centrally located & with so much character. Our building is an old, converted textile centre & it still has the cranes & the gantries with high ceilings. Our events team go out of their way to make every single event unique & special.

Inspiring: This is not a boring hotel room or some vanilla styled boardroom or workshop space. With beautiful brick walls, lots of natural light & a focus on fun, we can inspire your team to new levels of creativity. It’s also a great environment for shooting creative photos & videos.

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Contact information:
If you need assistance during your event at The Common please call or text the company mobile 022 025 0935 & the on-site event team will respond.

Noise Levels:
Noise levels must be kept at a reasonable level to not disturb other tenants in the building. For events held during business hours 8:00am – 7:00pm noise levels must be kept below 70 decibels – this means no loud music, videos or other activities that would be considered excessive noise.

Any activities that might be considered outside a normal business workshop level (ie: playing games, shouting, stomping etc) must be pre-approved & will need to run in the playground area. All morning & afternoon teas, lunches & drinks must be served in the Playground Bar / Café area.

Fire evacuation procedure:
If there is a fire evacuation please proceed to the two fire exits in the business complex, make your way down the stairs & meet on the corner of Faraday Street & St. Georges Bay Road. A fire warden will guide you for here.

Do not take any belongings with you & walk as quickly as possible.

Ground floor - There is a fire exit available under the staircase next to the elevator.

Level One - There is a fire exit outside suite 7 next to the event kitchen.

There are two available areas:

There are toilets outside suites 5,6, & 7 between The Common staff kitchen and the fire exit on level one.
Using the fire exits (Locations discussed above) there are an extra 4 toilets available downstairs.

Office Dogs:
At The Common we have two friendly Mini Schnauzers, named Artemis & Apollo, who come to visit.

If you would prefer not to have Artemis & Apollo in the workshop space or in attendance of your event please let the event manager know.

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If the Hirer’s event is operating after 5:30pm or on the weekend then security on the doors is required. We provide people & this is included in the cost of hire. The Hirer may provide their own security, if they prefer, however this security must remain at the doors for the entire duration of the event.

Tea & Coffee & Water:

Water coolers are situated around the area. If they run out & we haven’t noticed please text us & we will refill them.

If chosen as a paid optional extra, then freshly brewed filter coffee is provided every 3 hours & is held in a thermos flask to maintain the warmth throughout this time. Hot water is provided in heated urns with premium tea bags. We provide a range of milks.

If you would like Barista style coffee then we recommend Red Rabbit Coffee which is in the building next to One Faraday Street.

Catering & Drinks:
If we are catering for you then you have nothing to worry about it – it’s all under control.

If you are self-catering, you are responsible for:

Setting up and managing the food counter
Cleaning up & Rubbish Removal
Using only the East Kitchen (Opposite Suite 5)

A Licensed Bar Manager must be provided by the Venue Provider if the Hirer elects to bring, serve or sell alcohol at an event. The Hirer will be charged for use of the Licenced Bar Manager.

If you are bringing your own alcohol drinks, you are responsible for:

Setting up and managing the drinks counter
Rubbish Removal (recyclable waste)
Either, providing your own licensed Bar Duty Manager (License proof will be required) or paying for us to supply a licenced Manager.

The Hirer shall be liable for any physical damage, and third party legal actions arising as a result thereof, that the Venue Provider incurs as a consequence of the actions of the Hirer or any of the Hirer’s guests and/or employees while the Hirer is in control of the Venue.

Please contact the event manager immediately to notify about the situation and physical damages at The Common. Any additional costs and/or chargers of damages caused by the Hirer, Hirer’s guests and/or employees are responsible and will be invoiced and will be payable within five working days.

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Host's Cancellation Policy
100% refund on cancellations up until 24 hours before your booking. After that, there are no refunds on cancellation.
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