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  Casual Partner PartnerPro
Successful booking fee 15% inc GST
(ex GST from Jan '22)
15% ex GST 15% ex GST
Additional merchant fee per booking (1)
Monthly Support Fee (2)
(1) Merchant Fees are passed through from our payment providers, Stripe & GoCardless.
(2) Monthly Support Fee varies depending on the size of your organisation. Please contact us for more information.
Community Marketplace Casual Partner PartnerPro
Unlimited Marketplace listings
List as many spaces as you want on our marketplace
Dedicated Space pages
Each bookable space has it’s own profile page
Photos, Videos, 3D Walkthroughs & Floor-plans
Upload up to 10 high res images and multimedia to help customers visualise your space
Host Profile page
Dedicated page with all your spaces in one place with custom URL
SEO boost
Easy SEO management to help your space get found
Social Sharing
Get your spaces shared on socials
Web & Mobile
Optimised for your customers to book your spaces on web or mobile
Space Reviews
2 way reviews to build trust and help your customers recommend your space
Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Casual Bookings Casual Partner PartnerPro
Free Casual bookings
Take bookings for spaces that are free of charge
One-Click Accept
Block availability, take payment, send receipts and acceptance emails in ONE CLICK
Decline bookings
You’re in control. Say no to bookings you don’t want, and automatically notify the customer
Guest Trust Report New
Get risk assessment data based on a guests's previous bookings and payment method
Booking slots New
Perfect for when you have a space with more than one available slot (e.g. Tennis courts)
Edit Casual Bookings
Edit time, date, rooms, rate and add or remove charges after a booking is confirmed
Refund Rules New
Define what level of refund your customer receives when they choose to cancel
T&C’s and COVID Safe Plans New
Customers can accept your terms and COVID related safety plans on the way through checkout
Internal Bookings Casual Partner PartnerPro
Create internal bookings
Create daily, weekly, custom or block outs for internal bookings and availability management
Group internal bookings
Organise, search and bulk delete your internal bookings
Internal users
Your team can create and manage their internal bookings
Regular Hirers Casual Partner PartnerPro
Online regular hirer application
Paperless online application form, view in draft applications, review and approve in one-click
Zero Cost Regular bookings
Take and manage free of charge regular bookings
Paid Regular bookings
Take and manage paid regular bookings
Bulk booking creation
Create up to 500 weekly, monthly and custom regular bookings in less than 1 minute
Bulk cancellation
Manage big changes in just a few clicks
Custom fee tiers
Create custom fee tiers e.g. commercial, community, government for regular hirers
Extra Items and Charges Casual Partner PartnerPro
Free items
Allow customers to book free items to capture additional bookings data e.g. chairs or mats
Paid Items and Charges
Take payment for hourly or fixed priced items like catering packages, projector hire or bar staff
Mandatory Items & Charges New
Add a mandatory charge to every booking e.g. cleaning fee
Timed Items & Charges New
Create rules that allow for charges to only appear at certain times e.g. extra hourly cost on weekends
One off charges
Charge a one off extra fee e.g. annual membership, utilities bill
Coming soon Coming soon
Calendar and Bookings Management Casual Partner PartnerPro
Online calendar
View all your bookings in an online calendar or table
Live Availability
Only receive booking requests for times that are actually available
Filter bookings by type and space
Conflict warnings
View and manage any conflicts. Automated conflict warning emails.
iCal publishing New
Publish your availability to any iCal compatible calendar application e.g. Google Calendar, Apple Calendars and Outlook
iCal Subscription management New
Create custom iCal links with different levels of bookings data and manage who can subscribe.
Outlook Integration New
Read & write integration to outlook (requires Office 365 subscription)
Mobile Friendly
Accept, decline, view and manage all your bookings from your phone
Payments and Automation Casual Partner PartnerPro
Take credit/debit card payments
Take payments online for casual bookings from debit or credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express)
Direct Debit
Enable regular hirers to pay you monthly by direct debit
Automated receipts
GST receipts sent and updated automatically as booking is accepted and edited
Automated cancellation refunds
Cancel and refund a booking in one click. Guest Booking Fee applies from Jan '22. Read more here.
Monthly automated invoicing
Automated monthly bookings summary and invoicing for regular hirers
Automated payment collection
Never chase payment ever again
Monthly payment and reconciliation
All your bookings revenue paid in one lump sum with 10 reconciliation reports
PCI Compliant
All payments secured through our partners Stripe and GoCardless
Communications Automation Casual Partner PartnerPro
80+ Automated Emails
From pending bookings to payment collection, we’ve automated over 80 configurable emails between you and your customers
Private messages and notifications to streamline all bookings comms in one place
Announcements New
Broadcast a message to multiple customers
Pre-written Messages
Save snippets or templates for messages that you send regularly
Coming soon Coming soon
Message attachments New
Send, receive and save important attachments like ID, insurance policies or run sheets
Emoji Support
Brighten 🌞 up your messages 💬 with full 🌕 emoji support 🎗️
Reports Casual Partner PartnerPro
Downloadable Reports
Download your bookings data to CSV format by type, period or status
Regular Hirer Report
Download your customer data like emails, phone, address and organisational info
Monthly Summary Report
Track growth in your users, bookings and revenue
Customer Self-Service Casual Partner PartnerPro
Self service bookings and cancellation
Get your customers to book themselves through a paperless, secure and accessible checkout
Customer Dashboard
Customers can view their past and future bookings across all spaces in one place
Account management
Customers can update their personal, organisation and payment methods and reset passwords
Download receipts and invoices
Customers can view and download all their receipts and invoices
Bonds New Casual Partner PartnerPro
SpaceProtect Pre-Event (bond)
We take and hold a bond value of your choosing up to 4 days before the event
SpaceProtect Post-Event (bond)
We collect the value of any damages after the event
Automated bond communication
We automate the communication of each step of a bond process from initiation to payout
Team and Customer Management Casual Partner PartnerPro
Multiple user accounts New
Each member of your team gets their own account
User switching New
Swap between different facility accounts to manage multiple venues or sites
Internal Messages
Send messages to your team members or mention them in a booking
Coming soon Coming soon
Booking notes New
Add internal notes to bookings or customers
Custom Booking Tags
Add a tag to a booking and filter by tags for managing processes like keys
Coming soon Coming soon
Customer Profiles
View customer profiles and see all their contact and bookings data at a glance
Activity Feed New
See the entire transactional and edit history of a booking
Help and Support Casual Partner PartnerPro
24/7 Live chat support
You or your customers can reach us anytime through our live chat widget
Customer support for guests
Your customers are our customers. We support them with using the site, general enquiries and finding spaces
Knowledge base
Our searchable database of help articles has step by step instructions
Marketing support
Our host partner pack is crammed with resources and ideas to help you market your space and grow your bookings
Dedicated account management
Get a dedicated account manager and private messaging channel for ongoing support, growth and guidance
Training & Rollout
For larger facilities, an implementation plan, change management resources and staff training. Additional charges may apply.

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